Chainsaw Supplies

We stock a wide selection of chain saw supplies for all your logging and firewood cutting needs, including saw bars & tip sprockets, chain, files, mix and chain oils, chain breakers, sharpening stones, tools and file guides.

Saw Chain

We will make chain loops for ALL makes of chainsaws while you wait!

We stock the complete range of saw chain manufactured by Stihl and Oregon, from Harvester chain all the way down to picco micro for the smallest saws. You can purchase chain made into loops or by 25 to 100 foot bulk rolls.

Determining the correct chain for your saw can be complicated by the following factors:

  • Pitch: the distance between each chain link: .325″, 3/8″, .404″ are the common ones
  • Gauge: the thickness of the drivers that fit into the saw bar slot: .043″, .050″, .058″ and .063″
  • Driver Count: depends on the length of bar you have, and the pitch of the chain used
  • Chain Style: Skip Tooth (2 links between cutter teeth) or Full House (1 link between cutter teeth).

To make it easy for us to supply you with the correct chain for your saw, if you are unsure
about any of the above criteria, we recommend that you bring in your old chain or chainsaw
if possible.

Manager’s Special! 30% off list price if you buy 3 or more chain loops of any type. We will also make up entire chain rolls into loops at no extra charge.

STIHL saw chains are characterized by unrivalled technology and manufacturing quality: cutters of highalloyed chrome-nickel steel, finely machined holes in the links and hardened rivets. When combined with the STIHL Ematic System and the wear-reducing STIHL Oilomatic® system, a STIHL chain saw is guaranteed economical use as well as a long service life.

Since the development of the first chipper chain more than half a century ago Oregon® has been, and remains, at the forefront of chainsaw cutting-systems technology and continues to produce the most advanced line of cutting chain available today.

Saw Bars

We have Stihl, Oregon, and Cannon Brand Chainsaw Bars.

All STIHL guide bars have induction heat-treated edges to give high wear resistance. The heat treating process hardens the rails while allowing the rest of the bar to remain flexible. This makes it less likely for the bar to have a permanent bend if it were flexed during use. Stihl guide bars are also symmetrical. Over time, they can be flipped over to spread out the wear, increasing the service life of the bar.

We Stock Stihl Light Bars!

The Stihl Rollomatic® ES Light guide bar has 30% less weight in comparison with Stihl Rollomatic® E Super guide bars. To reduce weight, the solid bar (made of the same tough wear-resistant steel) is milled out and filled with aluminum to make it up to 30% lighter than the ES Super. The reduced weight improves the chain saw balance and decreases operator fatigue, especially on longer bars.

Oregon® PRO Bars

The ultimate guide bar for professional cutters. All the benefits of our Power Match® bar plus extra features big timber cutters want. Blended nose and body surfaces reduce bar thickness for less binding in kerf.

Oregon® Harvester Bars

Many giant timber-harvesting machines equipped with bar-and-cutting-chain felling heads are equipped with Oregon bars. We offer solid bars with sprocket noses, solid bars, and replaceable-sprocket-nose bars.

Every Cannon bar is individually made by skilled craftsmen. Mass-produced chainsaw bars cost less, but do not match our quality standards. Quality involves the expertise and experience that only a journeyman bar man possesses.