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MS-195 Integrity Flotation Suit
MD3051 - Inflatable PFD
(manual activation)
MD3053 - Inflatable PFD
(automatic activation)
MD3153 - Inflatable PFD with HIT
(hydrostatic activation)
We stock a good selection Mustang Survival life jackets, personal flotation devices (PFD's) and
storm gear. Mustang Survival has been a world leader in this field for over 40 years, supplying the
very best in industrial and recreational life saving equipment.
MD3154 - Inflatable PFD with HIT
and harness (hydrostatic
Inflatable Life Jackets
MC1505 - Classic Flotation Coat
MC1525 - Integrity Flotation Coat
Flotation Vests and Life Jackets
Children's Life Vests
Lil Mate Children's Vest
MV1103 - 20 to 30 pounds
MV1105 - 30 to 60 pounds
MV1107 - 60 to 90 pounds
Classic Children's PFD
MV1203 - 20 to 30 pounds
MV1205 - 30 to 60 pounds
MV1207 - 60 to 90 pounds
MV1291 - Recreational
Boater's Vest
MV1255 - Industrial
Mesh Vest
MV3005 - Universal Fit PFD
MV3107 - Classic
Industrial Vest
MJ6225 - Integrity Flotation
Bomber Jacket
MP4225 - Integrity HX
Flotation Bib Pant
Flotation Jackets, Pants and Full Suits
We carry the various re-arm kits for the inflatable vests. Check the inside intructions on
your vest for the correct re-arm kit part number.
MD8010 - Adult Canadian
Standard Life Jacket
Starting at $195.59 and up
Starting at $27.00 and up
Starting at $22.59 and up
Starting at $44.04 and up
Starting at $196.50 and up
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